A B.I.Big thank you to everyone that came out for the November 6th opening of graphic artist Allister Lee's presentation of "B.I.B 999 - An Exhibition and Illustrated Documentation of 999 Black Markers"

Please take the time to stop by the gallery this week before the show comes down on Monday, November 30th. Perhaps you'll bump into the artist gallery sitting and drawing over the weekend.

A selection of B.I.B and exclusive B.I.B 999 products are available now via the One Grand Gallery Store section. Pop in and have a look.

Great lead-up post in support of B.I.B 999 - An Exhibition and Illustrated Documentation of 999 Black Markers.

Written by Martin Wong and featured on the Imprint Culture Lab home page, it's a nice B.I.Behind the scenes look at what Allister has been preparing for the past couple weeks with us here in Portland.

Imprint Culture Lab


Take a peek over the shoulder of Allister Lee, documenting and illustrating 999 black markers:

"As part of the documentation process of the B.I.B marker collection I draw each marker specimen at a 1:1 scale using a selection of black and white markers. Included above each illustration is a line created by the marker to show ink and line properties."

Join us next Friday, November 6th, 7-10pm for the opening reception of B.I.B 999.


One Grand Gallery presents for the month of November B.I.B 999 – An exhibition and illustrated documentation of 999 Black Markers from the extensive archived collection of Toronto-based graphic artist and BlackIsBeautiful.ca documentarian, Allister Lee.

From vintage glass barrel Magic Markers and elusive El Markos, to bootleg Super Sharpies and metal-jacket Sakuras, a comprehensive historical and international spectrum of black marker design is displayed through a combination of curated physical specimens and 1:1 scale archival illustration.

A selection of black-marker-inspired Black Is Beautiful / B.I.B printed matter and exclusive product will accompany the exhibition.

Showcased for view for the very first time to the public, please join us for the opening reception:

Friday November 6th, 7-10 pm


“Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.” –Charles Mingus

One Grand Gallery presents for the month of October: Simplexity, a solo exhibition from Portland-based illustrator, artist and educator Ryan Bubnis. This marks Bubnis’ first solo exhibition with the gallery, and will feature a series of new paintings, drawings and ceramics. Bold, graphic and whimsical in approach, Bubnis’ current work focuses on the simplification of shape and form. The title of the exhibition refers to his process of art making. As he says, "I’ve pared-down and simplified my imagery with an emphasis on shape-based art making.”

Come join us for an evening of simplified complexity (or complex simplicity, if you prefer) this Friday October 2nd, 7-10 pm at the opening reception of Simplexity.

One Grand Gallery is proud to present Sanctum: A Dystopian Future Retold, a solo exhibition by Portland based artist Zach Egge. Throughout September, Egge will be exploring the impacts of surveillance in our digital police state. This exhibition is an interactive installation built with a vast array of different media that are conceptually intricate and design driven. A satirical foreshadowing of a cataclysmic decline in human nature, Egge's new work addresses the worst aspects of interpersonal communication and the unforeseen impacts of technology.

Sanctum: A Dystopian Future Retold guarantees to engage and captivate the viewer in a way that will re-establish the pressure to conform. Come be One Of Us next Friday September 11 7pm-10pm for an eye-opening reception!

Opening Reception:

Friday, September 11th, 2015 from 7:00 - 10:00PM

One Grand Gallery is proud to present the effervescent animations of San Francisco based artist Ferris Plock. Plock lives and works in the Bay area, often collaborating with his wife Kelly Tunstall, under the name Kefe. Throughout the month of August, we will be showing his work in a solo exhibition entitled Personal Pizza Party

We will be hosting Plock’s own army of pizza creations - from the googly-eyed, to the monster truck-driving, cannibalistic slices. They promise to confuse, entertain, and even make you a little hungry. Personal Pizza Party opens on Friday, August 7th, 2015 at 7pm. Join us for some pizza - both in the form of Plock's dream visions and tangible slices you can put in your mouth!

Opening Reception
Friday, August 7th from 7:00PM to 10:00PM

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to hang with us last Friday! It was a wonderful collection of people sharing memories about their travels across the carpet, snapping one more foot selfie, or taking a fun portrait with our own "PeeDee Jr"!

Don't let the carpet fade from our collective memory -- keep up with us as we post events and other interesting tidbits on our Facebook and Instagram. And don't forget to visit The PDX Project at pdxcarpet.com to purchase your own piece of the carpet for all posterity!

If this carpet could talk, what would it say?

Throughout the month of July, One Grand Gallery will be exhibiting the work of twenty innovative artists with no restrictions or specifications. The common thread weaving them together is a carpet: for some it is a sign we've arrived back home, for others it is the beginning of a journey. What does it mean to each of us? Come discuss the finer points of Portland nostalgia July 10th at 7PM. In collaboration with The PDX Project, one of the four awardees of the precious Portland Airport Carpet, One Grand will continue the legacy of the PDX carpet as an icon of Portland. Our floors will be decked out in original, preserved PDX carpet, with unmissable events happening all throughout the month.

Opening Reception 
Friday, July 10th from 7:00-10:00PM

Visit The PDX Project to own your piece of history!

A Photographic Other:

The Object that Exists, Exists and Exists Again

Mario Gallucci

Text/Brittney Connelly 
Editor/Grace Foster

Mario Gallucci wants you to consider it again.

     As a viewer of his solo exhibition, Counterfeit Universe, you will be expected to give the work a second look. A garage door, an American flag, and tomato planter expertly crafted out of photographs, materialize as three-dimensional objects that could fool even the most scrupulous of viewers. A solo paint roller and tray exist unassumingly in a corner of the gallery, often passed by, unrecognised as an element that plays part in the show. The objects, seemingly random, share a transformation of materiality that has rendered all objects useless in terms of functionality. While Gallucci's work seems to deliver a nod to the ready-made and romanticize the banal, the materiality of the pieces seem to approach Gallucci's larger objective: to ask viewers to consider what it means to encounter an object that has been dismantled through the interpolation of photographs.

     While it pains me to reveal the illusion so quickly: sorry, that is not an actual garage door, it’s a photograph. I see it as a secondary experience to the unhinging that brews beneath the surface of these objects. Gallucci’s process partners the image with that of the actual, constructing three-dimensional photographic objects that exist as eerie doubles. The two-dimensional image taunts us with the possibility of becoming more; in his constructions Gallucci delivers the next step. The experience of wonder that occurs when an image transcends into a three-dimensional iteration, brings us back to a time when the television romanticized a hamburger that would materialize from the screen. Gallucci taps into an insatiable hunger for the image to complete the circle, to reconstitute as a version of the actual that serves to curate a new existence. We want for that hamburger to pop out of a screen so we can touch it and to make new associations with it. His three-dimensional constructions do good work of fooling the viewer into conjuring memories and thoughts surrounding the objects themselves. When the same associations can be grappled with through the photographic representation of the real, what need do we have for the actual? Gallucci's work activates our complex history with the image, as it entangles itself as part document, part representation of the thing itself, and in part a construction.

      While the materiality of the work drags along the complicated terms in which we negotiate our relationship to images, Gallucci’s subject of the banal gives us a familiar place to rest. He is determined to make connections between the real world experiences we encounter and our expectations of work that fills gallery walls. Gallucci is keenly aware of the power objects have within the context of the gallery. Walking through the show, one gets a sense that the artist is trying to shift that power to the everyday experience. He presents an experience that we can take with us when we leave the show. We can experience it again on our next encounter outside with a garage door, or find it when we stumble upon a rock.

    As a viewer you can pull these objects out one by one, relish in their construction, examine the power of the materiality and understand their commonality of being common, but is there something that unites these objects further? Gallucci may be wrestling with that qualm; his work moves us to an unstable place of associations that develop from material likeness, occasionally leaving us to want more play between the objects themselves. How does the flag exist in context with the row of knives or the shelf of rocks? His objects speak volumes when they transcend their own inherent associations, and activate the surrounding space. Gallucci delivers this exceedingly well in the piece “Paint Roller and Pan (2014)”. Within the piece a paint roller and pan sit quietly next to the constructed garage door with graffiti paint scrawled across it. Gallucci determines the object placement with a precision that leads us to a slow dismantling of the space beyond it. The roller, placed as if it were the actual object, activates both the simulated garage and the adjacent gallery walls. The composition conjures notions of artist as laborer, the gallery as a construction itself and points to time dismantled by the static image of the garage.    

     Although these subtleties in placement become less prominent as the viewer moves into the space, it can be seen again where simple rocks rest upon a constructed white shelf that fades into the gallery walls and in that moment the walls serve as an extension of the work. Within the set of pieces, the gallery moves into the narrative of the work and the subject of artist as curator colors its existence. Other pieces are more isolated and the subtlety of the object rests in the transformation of the material. The most note-worthy example of this is “Tomato Planter”, its shape delicately rendered out of paper, mimicking the original so well that you can almost believe in its steel properties. By removing the frame, Gallucci's work creates a demand for a larger one, a frame that implicates the viewer within it. As the illusion of the work is uncovered everything becomes part of the construction. Beautifully rendered, Gallucci's work intends for us to see things differently, spend time with objects we may see as usual and unremarkable, and consider them again.


Counterfeit Universe was shown for the month of April 2015 at One Grand Gallery.

LISTEN04  |  God Bless America

One Grand Gallery is thrilled to present international artist, Listen04’s God Bless America. For the month of June, One Grand will venture into the absurd, obscene, and offensive to see what provokes people and gets their blood to boil. Join us this Friday at 7 pm for a lovely evening of dick jokes and racial humor, and find your own line to cross!

Opening Reception
Friday, June 5th from 7:00-10:00PM

All works will have an edition size of 1. Works will be taken down upon purchase. This exhibition will only be available to view in its entirety on June 5th at 7pm. The show will gradually be taken down by our patrons as the month progresses. 

THE PDX PROJECT  |  July Group Show

In collaboration with the PDX Project, one of four awardees of the precious Portland Airport Carpet, One Grand Gallery is seeking submissions for a PDX Carpet themed exhibition to run from July 10th-31st, 2015.

Inspired by the carpet itself, airport culture, the death of the carpet: If this carpet could talk, what would it say?

Please send concept submissions to Jordan Chan-Mendez no later than May 20th, 2015.

Proposals will be subject to curator approval, as will the finished piece. Participation will be contingent upon approval. Submissions may be in any medium the artist chooses. FINAL SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE TO THE GALLERY NO LATER THAN JULY 1st, 2015. Carpet will be available to a select few of the submissions.

If you have any questions regarding entry instructions/specifications, or emailing your proposal, please feel free to contact us at info@onegrandgallery.com

Download Press Release

CRAIG REDMAN  |  Third Parties

One Grand Gallery is excited to present international designer and artist, Craig Redman’s Third Parties. For the month of May, One Grand will help facilitate Redman’s exploration of privacy and the shaping of one’s online legacy in our digital age. 

Hailing from Australia and working in New York City, Redman’s global influence has reached from Parisian superstores to Chengdu street installations. Redman’s design work reflects a bold, graphic, pared- down aesthetic that carries over into his artwork. He is particularly known for his portraiture that has included Barack Obama, Michelangelo Antonioni, Woody Allen and Lebron James. Redman also illustrates a cult hit blog called Darcel Disappoints

This May exhibition, Third Parties, will showcase Redman’s portraiture and comment on privacy in a media-saturated world. Redman grapples with how much of one's identity can be erased before a person's true self is masked or freshly created. The uniformly sized portraits of his friends and acquaintances represent a mini society that is then partially obscured with oversized graphic shapes, alluding to the question of how much of our personalities are abstracted and how much is revealed.

Redman addresses the current state of our online culture by lifting the mask of online anonymity. It's fundamentally a matter of authenticity and the power of the individual to shape one's own history. One Grand Gallery invites you to enter the matrix and explore the boundaries of identity in cyberspace.

Third Parties shows at One Grand May 1st - 30th

Opening reception Friday May 1st from 7pm - 10pm

MARIO GALLUCCI  |  Counterfeit Universe

Looking forward to April, One Grand Gallery presents Counterfeit Universe, a solo exhibition by Mario Gallucci

Counterfeit Universe is about the copy of a copy. It is about belief in surface, attitudes towards brands, our relation to objects, and a deep personal affection towards the mundane. Gallucci’s work looks at the human condition as it relates to surrounding objects. His process, a combination of photography, sculptural pattern-making, and recreation on a 1:1 scale, allows his sculptural photographs to operate in a liminal space between existence and representation. This casts even the mundane in a new light, questions their significance, symbology, value, and the relational affect on the human condition.

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, an important part of Gallucci’s art relies on the impressions and reactions of the viewer. There will be tricks and illusions, but each is backed by a meditation on perception and reality, light-hearted wit, and meticulous craftsmanship. One Grand invites you to get lost in the world of Gallucci’s Counterfeit Universe, to judge both what you perceive, and how you perceive it.

Join us Friday, April 3rd at 7pm for the opening reception!

BRING BIGGIE HOME  |  Kickstarter campaign

One Grand Gallery is pushing forward with a Kickstarter campaign to bring READY TO DIE: A Group Show all the way to Brooklyn, NY, the home of Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace.  We want to share this unique and exciting exhibition with his hometown. Pledge some dough and get sweet rewards, from show cards and pins to original sketches and artwork from the show!

Join us HERE and let's bring it home!

HOMETOWN HEROES   |   Ashley Anson: Opening Friday!


Ashley Anson is One Grand Gallery's featured artist for the month of March. You may remember her distinct style of painting, embroidery and textiles from a few of our group shows last year. This March, we invite you to take a journey past the prison cells, down the rabbit hole, and into the folklore land of Ashley Anson's Hometown Heroes!

Opening reception this Friday, March 6th at 6pm. Come join us and find your hero!